Personalized Sibling Book from Hooray Heroes

The Adventures of Isabel and Harper is the cutest personalized sibling book from Hooray Heroes and our whole family is over the moon for it!

To personalize the book you enter your children’s names, gender, eye color, hair color and type. You get to choose 15 stories out of the 24 to put into your book and also decide if the narrator will be mom or dad. One of my favorite parts of creating this book was the personalized dedication you get to write for your children. Of course this mama was over here sobbing while typing up our dedication to Harper and Isabel.

{All Purpose Mat in plaid from lessy messy}

There’s just something about reading a story to your children with their names in it that makes it so special to them! They are part of the story and can see their character smack in the middle of all of the fun! Turning every page to a grand new adventure, makes their eyes light up!

Our girls can’t get enough of this book and we have been reading it to them every night since we received it. For our story, I decided the narrator would be dad. Reading had always been part of our bedtime routine and dad is almost always the one to read. It became a thing that daddy read the girls their bedtime story and I just love sitting back and enjoying! Watching as the girls snuggle up on each side of daddy as he reads to them, swoon every single time!

Hooray Heroes has personalized books for all, not just siblings! One of the most popular ones is, When Emma Grows Up. They also will soon have a personalized Christmas book that I am just ecstatic over, can not wait to start creating those for the girls!

Everyday Harper and Isabel make me one proud mama, I am so happy we were able to give them this personalized book as a gift. Make sure to grab one for your child and be sure to use code VEGAS15 for 15% off all book for!


Kid Wonder Dino Box

This weekend we opened up our Kid Wonder box and had the best time! These themed boxes are fun filled with 5 activities to engage your children’s imagination. Each box includes everything your child needs to complete the fun projects including step by step instruction cards.

We decided to get the Let’s Play Dino Discovery Box since the girls are into anything dinosaur right now and we were not disappointed! This box is for ages 3-6, but even our almost 1.5 year old was getting in on the action!

What I enjoyed most about the Kid Wonder box is the engagement through imaginary play! All of these fun activities really get children excited and draws them into the theme! Our girls were pretending they were back in prehistoric times and the volcano was erupting, hot lava would consume all of the dinosaurs if they couldn’t find them in time!

The Kid Wonder boxes can be a monthly subscription or you can choose one (or more) that fits your family. They are perfect for homeschooling families like us. I was able to add these fun activities into our homeschool curriculum to keep my girls interested in what we were learning.

I highly recommend Kid Wonder to anyone with children! The perfect gift for any child with endless hours of imagination play!

Ashtonbee Products the Whole Family Will Love

The girls are always excited when packages arrive at our home, but are always more excited when they realize it’s something for them. Today was no different, they helped me open our box of goodies from Ashtonbee and were beyond ready to rip into everything! We put the Height Growth Chart up and the girls quickly started counting off the numbers. I showed them how to stand to get their height marked and they played back and forth measuring each other’s height. This height chart is portable and easy to write on, a must have for renters or even parents not wanting to mark the walls.The Corn Teething Set was a huge hit with both girls. Our oldest loved chewing on it even though she doesn’t really need a teether. Our youngest has the worst time with teething and these corn teethers are her favorite. She can get them back on her gums far enough for those back teeth that are coming in and just loves the soft rubber teeth which are perfect for massaging her gums. The Stackable Suction Bowls have to be my favorite! Isabel is such a messy eater and almost every snack ends up on the floor. These suction bowls actually hold up against her, she can’t figure out how to get them off the table #momwin!They even make the perfect portions for mom snack time and come in three different sizes. Dishwasher safe which is a must for this mama! All around win with these bowls!{ The adorable dresses the girls are wearing are from Chic Bubs Boutique. Harper is wearing the Tribal Cutaway Dress and Isabel is in the Rita Cutaway Dress. I can’t say enough great things about the owner, Dee, she is the sweetest and kindest to work with. Make sure you check out her shop and be sure to use code vegas15 for 15% off. }

A Morning at Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden

IMG_1953One Sunday morning in mid May, Our family went to explore the garden at Bellagio before it was changed over for summer.


Bellagio holds such a special place in my heart! It is the first place we went to visit, after making our move out to Nevada. We have gone to Bellagio garden every theme change ;since we have lived here and I hope to make this something we always get to do together as a family.


After visiting the conservatory a few times, well the strip in general, we have learned a few tips on how to explore with toddlers (another blog to come soon on tips for Vegas/strip visits with toddlers).


One key tip that almost always works out in our favor is; get there early if you want to beat the crowd! Seems simply enough right? If your children are anything like ours, you tend to be up, no matter if it’s the weekend or not! What works best for us is to get up, get ready, and head out.


Getting to the garden early was the best decision we made! It gave our girls the chance to run around and explore all of the beauty without the consent worrying of them being in everyones way. It was, by far, my favorite trip to the conservatory! Watching our girls get the chance to decide what they wanted to check out next, being able to stand back and take it all in, it was easily managed time in public, which is a rare occurrence with our children!


The garden is breathtaking! I highly recommend a trip there if you haven’t been yet or are looking for somewhere to take the family. It’s free to visit, which we know is a huge factor when it comes to taking toddlers places! Why pay to take them somewhere when they might decide when you get there that they hate life, that second, and are not having anything to do with your amazingly planned out day. Toddlers, am I right?




Please stick around!

I hope you stick around! We are currently “getting it together” and our blog will be up and running very soon! I will be blogging about our mom life, family, my personal life and all of our adventures. We are new to Las Vegas, NV and have so much to explore! We hope you will join us on this journey!